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Coming up with a name for your next venture is easier than you think.

What is creative naming?

Ever wondered how a business got their name? From Steve Jobs working as a fruit picker to the Greek origins of Xerox, every story is a little different.

You might think these names were flashes of inspiration, and you would be right. But those flashes often came during weeks or months of brainstorming and discussion. All that ground work is what we call creative naming. And that’s why we are called Creative Naming.

Why do I need a creative name?

With so much competition for attention online and offline a great business name is more important than ever. Standing out requires a name that is creative, timeless and memorable.

And it’s not just businesses that need creative names. Creative naming can be used to name new companies, products, books, movies and more. Anything that needs to stand out, needs a creative name.

How do I create a great name?

When you analyse the naming stories of the biggest brands you realise that the process was not random and reliant on luck. They used a framework to help prompt creativity.

The key part of any naming project is to define project success. What criteria must the name meet in order to be considered a contender?

After all how will you know when you have found the right name? Relying on personal feelings and instinct does not work as your name needs to resonate with your customers, not with you.

There are many criteria that might be relevant for your naming project. Some important requirements for naming a business might be:

  • Is the .COM available (with or without a domain modifier)?
  • Are there any trademarks that are relevant?
  • Does it test well with your target audience?
  • Is it easy to spell and speak (see the radio test)?
  • Would it work if you expand into new areas?

Once you have defined the criteria for the name you can jump into the creative naming process. We have a full guide on how to name your business with dozens of methods for generating business name ideas.

What if I’m not creative?

You might be surprised how easy it is to come up with business names when you use a proper system. But if you have given it a try and still can’t find a name that works for you then there is help.

We can help you map out your critera for your naming project and help prompt your creativity with a remote naming workshop.

If you would like to learn more just tell us a little about your business or idea and we can work together to find the right name. Click below to get started

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