111 Ideas For Photography Business Names

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for photography business names then you’re in the right place.

Photography is such a creative industry that most clients expect your business to have a creative name to match. But that’s not all. They also want to see professionalism and friendliness all coming through in your photography company name.

The many different niches of photography will also have an influence on the name. For example a wedding photography business name should be more adult and serious, while a newborn photography business name might be more cute and friendly. These are all important considerations when you are coming up with name ideas for your photography business.

81 Inspiring Photography Terms

Photography has an amazing range of sources for naming inspiration. The history of photography is full of ideas with many unusual individuals using all sorts of crazy technologies.

There are hundreds of physical parts and accessories that are involved in the photography process. A modern camera alone has many different components that could be used to inspire a great photography business name.

We’ve sorted through photography facts, figures, words and more to create an initial brainstorm. Use this as a source for further thesaurus research, and combine it with words and phrases that match the values and subjects of your own photography business.

  • 36 shots in a roll of film
  • a picture’s worth one thousand words
  • action
  • aperture
  • aspect
  • backdrop
  • bokeh
  • calotype
  • camera
  • camera obscura
  • camera shy
  • capture
  • capture the moment
  • chrome
  • composition
  • darkroom
  • drawing with light
  • dynamic range
  • element
  • essence
  • exposure
  • expression
  • film roll
  • flash
  • focus
  • frame
  • frozen in time
  • gallery
  • gelatin silver
  • glossy
  • heliography
  • images
  • impression
  • in a flash
  • instant camera
  • landscapes
  • lens
  • lens flare
  • light
  • make it snappy
  • memories
  • microfilm
  • moments
  • no filter
  • paparazzi
  • parallax
  • perspective
  • photo
  • photo album
  • photogram
  • photograph
  • photographer
  • photography
  • picture
  • picture perfect
  • pixel
  • plate
  • portrait
  • processing
  • ray
  • reflex
  • resolution
  • retouching
  • rule of thirds
  • say cheese
  • seeing is believing
  • sepia
  • shot
  • shoot
  • shutter
  • shutter bug
  • smile
  • snap
  • snap happy
  • snapshot
  • studio
  • take
  • tripod
  • viewfinder
  • watch the birdie
  • zoom

If you have any suggestions for more words and terms relating to photography please submit them in the comments below and we will add them here.

21 Photography Business Name Ideas

Once you start looking through all the interesting photography words and phrases coming up with a memorable business name is easier than you think. There are many useful tricks and tips for making names that stick. You can use alliteration and rhyming for catchy names or mixin emotions and feelings to create emotive names. Or you can just use one of the many business name generators to help come up with names for you.

Here are some interesting name ideas we created using a combination of different methods. You can use these alongside your personal name or add suffixes like ‘photography’ and ‘studio’ to make a full business name.

  • Brightflash
  • Camera Creations
  • Flash Point
  • Focus Point
  • Frameworthy
  • Fresh Focus
  • Get Snappy
  • Happy Snaps
  • Immense Images
  • Lasting Expressions
  • Photo Factory
  • Photographist
  • Photos In A Flash
  • Picture Perfect
  • Picture This
  • Pretty Little Pictures
  • Shutter Happy
  • Smile & Click
  • Studio 36
  • Super Snaps
  • Timeless Takes

12 Photography Business Name Examples

Sometimes the best place to look for inspiration is the existing marketplace. Here are some name ideas from some great photography businesses that are already up and runing.

  • Arts In Motion
  • Captured With Love
  • Creative Memories
  • Crew One
  • Everlook
  • Fantasie Photography
  • Firefly Images
  • Formed From Light
  • Impact Images
  • Journey By Light
  • Luminance Photography
  • Raconteur Photography

9 Ready To Use Names

Using the inspiration above and our creative naming techniques, we’ve come up with many great ideas for photography business names. These names have been hand selected based on the .COM domain being available when conducting the research.

Some of these names are available to register. Others we have reserved in order to provide them to the right business. If you would like to use one of the registered names just get in touch.

ShutterBeetle.com – Apply To Use

A fun play on the common term ‘shutter bug’. This would be a friendly and approachable name for a family photography business.

Picture36.com – Apply To Use

Every photo you take is better than the last. So the last photo on a roll of 36 must be the best. That would be Picture 36. Has a nice rhyme to make a very catchy photography business name.

SmileAndSnap.com – Apply To Use

First your subject smiles and then you take the snap. A distinctive and very visual name that will get people imagining themselves getting photographed.

TopTakes.com – Apply To Use

If you want somebody who takes the best pictures then you should look no further than Top Takes.

SingleShoot.com – Available To Register

A photographer so skilled and professional that they can complete your entire project in a single shoot.

MantelMoments.com – Available To Register

Capturing all the moments that will take pride of place on your mantelpiece.

BirdiePortraits.com – Available To Register

A cute name for a children or newborn photography business. Watch the birdie is a classic trick of photographers to get the subjects attention.

OskarStudio.com – Available To Register

A stylish studio named after Oskar Barnack who built the first successful camera brand that went on to be known as Leica.

UntouchablePhotography.com – Available To Register

Photos so good they barely need to be retouched. Also has a second meaning suggesting the quality of the photography is better than the rest.

If you register any of these domains don’t forget to let us know so we can add your link or hide the name. Or if you would like to use any of the reserved names just send us an email.

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